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Internet Technology Series

How the Internet Works

This is the first class in the Internet Technology Series. We will explore how information moves around on the Internet. What is a Web server? How does a Search Engine Work? Is my Information safe?

This class provides a foundation for futher learning about the Internet, such as Social Networking & Internet Security, and other classes on building your own web pages.

Prerequisites: None

Social Networking & Internet Security

This class builds on an existing understanding of how the Internet works to help you understand how to better protect yourself, and your private information online. This class will also discuss using social networks such as FaceBook, and how to control what they know or share about you.

Prerequisites: How the Internet Works, or a basic understanding of Internet technology.

Building Your First Web Page (HTML)

In this class you will be introduced to the core language of all Internet web pages. This class builds on your knowledge of how information moves around the Internet. We will explore selecting a host for your site, and some of the tools they provide to make it easier to create your pages. When finished with this class, you will know how to make basic web pages, using software that is available for free.

Prerequisites: How the Internet Works, or a basic understanding of Internet technology.

Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a widely used tool for building professional web sites. In this class you are introduced to the basics of using Adobe Dreamweaver. We start by re-creating the final project from 'Building Your First Web Page', which allows you to see how Dreamweaver works with HTML. We then build a set of pages to create a basic web site.

Prerequisites: Building Your First Web Page, or a basic understanding of HTML.